Walking the Dog On the Interstate
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Walking the Dog On the Interstate - May 6, 2009
No sooner are we on Interstate 40 in the middle of nowhere, and we get stuck in a major traffic pile-up. There's a very serious accident half a mile ahead of us and all traffic has come to a complete stop. State troopers, fire trucks, ambulance, rescue vehicles all maneuver past in the grassy median. A helicopter arrives. We can't see what's going on but many people get out of their cars to stretch their legs. And walk their dogs. An hour and a half later the medivac helicopter takes off and an officer in a county sheriff truck slowly makes his way along the shoulder towards us telling everyone we should be moving again in about 20 minutes.
"Although," he remarks, "you would be okay stuck here in your RV for a week".
No thanks, it's kind of warm and we just finished off our last ice cream.
f/13 for 1/250 sec @ 200