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"Trick or Treat!" Little Witch with Kitty Welcome Ghost Creepy Pumpkin Towering Inflatable Giant Treats Princess and the Dragon the Grim Reaper in Schomburg Two in the Shade Sunny Twins Steve and Iris Going for a Walk In the Sun Bright Colours Brothers Introducing Baron "Good night little Sena.." Way Past Prime View from the Walkway the Garden on it's Last Legs "She's so Cute!" Meeting their baby Sister Baby Sena Arrives On the Edge Monarch on Pink Daisy Lisa and her Baby Sister Playing with Baby Sena Getting Ready to Go for a Walk Hanging in There Butterflies on Gerbera Daisies Emerging Monarchs "There you are!" Golden Woods Horseback through the Woods Autumn Driveway Missy in the Nursery Missy and Layla in the Garden Ready for Baby the Victorian Nursery Last Light over the Lake Sisters Watching the Sunset Sunset over Stoney Lake Bridge to the Island Colourful Shoreline Golden Reflection