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Through the Woods Going for one Last Dip Pond Lilies Peaceful Lake Happy Birthday Jan Out in the Canoe Edge of the Lake Vibrant Red Another Day Lily the Porch A Toast to David on His Birthday "I guess we get to sit beside each other this evening.." Trumpet Vine More Day Lilies Double Orange Day Lily Gone to Seed One Good Rose Shrivelled Rose Too Hot for the Roses Giant Hosta Flowers A Late Bloomer the First Fancy Day Lily Pink Dragonwing Begonia Getting Ready Shasta Daisy Daisies in the Afternoon Sun Clivia in Bloom "Why do you just keep throwing everything out?" Afternoon on the Patio Hosta Buds Giant Hosta Bud the First Day Lily Shasta Daisies Geranium in the Flowerbox Ice Cream on a Hot Day Not Much Left Three Mini Girls in Their New Play Clothes