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Cooling Off In the Sauna Playing Poker It's Chip's Turn Snakes and Ladders A Friendly Game of Chess the Chipmunk's Home Welcoming the Newcomers Checking Everyone's Hats and Scarves The Foxes' Kitchen Heading to the Party "Good-bye..." Going Back to Work "There's way too much snow!" Helping to Shovel More Little Birds Birds in the Snow Blue Birds Stuck in the Middle of the Road Digging Out the Front Walk the Neighbour's Cars the BIG Snow! Happy Birthday Willie & Phairby! Checking Out the Dessert Table Willie & Phairby's Party In Charge of the Gifts In Love the Ring Abstract Art Naomi A Toast Christmas Dinner A New Mouse "You have to fold the paper like this..." the Chess Game "All Aboard!" Loading Up the Gifts Almost Ready to Leave Crowded and Colourful the Big Red Ball