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Dominic Sena as Toddler Kassia Little Lenny's New look Gathered Round the Cradle Baby Kassia One Last Peony Peering Into the Fairy Garden Finished Wine Red Almost Done Carpets of Colour Side View Falling Over Fluffy Center Masses of Peonies Peach Close Up Taking a Closer Look Peach Peonies Pale Pink Single Peonies A Few More Striped Peonies Another Stripey Peony Peppermint Stripes Dark Pink Peonies Peony Gardens after the Festival Paying Respects Passing of a Fairy Queen Yellow Tree Peony More Peonies Kassia's Portrait Admiring the Painting Single Peonies Back at the Peony Garden A New Shirt for Rex Clematis in Bloom the Whole Family A New Formal Tunic for Jude Lasy's Smock Giant Iris Locust in Bloom Pink Peonies Peony in the Morning Sun Peonies at Dawn More Peonies Irises