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Deep Wine Flower Purple Peony White Ruffles Up Close Frilly Peony Pink Tree Peony White & Purple Tree Peony Striking a Pose Painting Tiana's Portrait Martha Washington Geranium Bridal Wreath Spirea Purple Lady's Smock Lady's Smock Bright White in the Morning Sun Million Bells Embrace Jude's New Sweater Grace More Irises Iris Lily of the Valley Dinner for Two Catch Me if You Can At the Lake More Canola Saphira in the Golden Meadow Golden Flower Canola Field More Lilacs Just Opening Monica in the Lilacs Lilacs Rusty Barn Road's End Dark Purple Buds Lilacs Picnic Lunch Relaxing at Wellington Beach Beach at Bond Head Going Out for the Day Marina at Bond Head Solo in the Sun Here Comes the Bride Flame Tulip Winston & Saphira