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Working on a Puzzle with Marianne Hitching a Ride with Daddy Marie "Peek-a-Boo!" Back in the Pool "It's Mr. Pickles!" Happy Birthday Jean-Marc!! Austin is Impressed! the Inside Wow!!!! Happy Birthday Austin!! Happy Birthday Natalya, Jean-Marc, and Austin !! Lighting the Candles Time to Get Out Teagan  Swimming Andrew Austin and Emily Natalya Having Fun Emily Goofy Elliot Teagan Watching out for Emily Elliot in the Shallow End Grandparents in a Row Pool Party Natty & Cousins Happy Birthday Natalya! Testing Yummy Chocolate Cake Three Cake Makers All Done! And Some Gold Candles Adding More Chocolate Chocolate Drizzle Chocolate Lips Chocolate Icing 'Lipstick' Fun 'Scrap' Cake Adding White Chocolate Chips Yummy Icing! Icing 'Little Grandpa's' Cake Natalya's Cake Putting the Candles on Natalya's Cake Keeping Watch Up Top Up on the 'Sun Deck' Playhouse Out Back