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"Are you sure we have enough Seeds?" On the Rocks with Grandpa Collecting Flower Seeds "This is what the seeds look like." Waiting for Boats to go By Down by the River Slicing the Cake Waiting for Cake Brady on a Fallen Tree Let's Try that Again! Blowing Out the Candles Happy Birthday Mary! Mary's Birthday Cake Silly James! Last Light End of the Dock Looking for Crabs Family in the Sunset On the Short Dock with Grandpa Family in the Evening Running Around Sunset over the Detroit River "I am Canadian Too!" "I am Canadian!!" Two Kids Riding a Spider Playing a Game Allsop Farm Photo Op Fun Digger Emily's Favourite Paw Patrol Bales Girl on a Spider Yummy Apples! Taking a Bite Tasty Apple "Here's Another One!" Taking Turns Up the Ladder "This One Looks Okay!" Emily Wants to try Too Moving On to the Next tree Up a Ladder Peek-a-Boo  A Conjoined Apple "Here's a Nice One!" Going Apple Picking Tickle Toes