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Sunset North Rim Grand Canyon Last Look Back at the Fiesta Downed Balloon Squeezing the Last Air Out of the Legs Opening the Top Vent Guiding the Leg Fabric as the Balloon Body Collapses Deflating Crab Collapsing Ladybug Penguin Tourist Happy Crab Ladybug on a Flower "Home, Sweet Home" Crab and Shark "Reach For the Stars" Elvis and the Scarecrow Colourful Butterfly "Hear No Evil, See No Evil" Some More Beautiful Regular Balloons An Alarm Clock Still More Shapes Inspector Penguin A Giant Pig Overhead View Underneath the Giant Bee Buzzes Off Big Green Dragon Wells Fargo Sky Full of Shapes There Goes the Elephant That's One Big Shopping Bag! Anabelle the Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe A Giant Monkey Row of Fantastic Shapes Stagecoach and Daisy Rockin Goldfish Watching the Balloons Float By Two Balloons Overhead Under the Udder Jester Smiling Back at Us That's One Giant Ice-cream Cone! Happy Skunk Inflating Anabelle Off They Go Rainbow Riders Overhead Golden Balloon